Stradley Ronon’s environmental lawyers effectively represent our clients before regulatory agencies and municipal governments to ensure the fair application of the law and to change the law to reflect our client’s legitimate needs.

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Marcellus Shale Natural Gas
Compliance Counseling
Environmental Litigation
Regulatory and Municipal Government Affairs
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Stradley Ronon’s Environmental Practice Group focuses on both legal and practical aspects of environmental regulation. Our environmental lawyers cross-practice in such areas as business, litigation, banking and real estate, giving our practitioners a pragmatic edge in bringing realistic, cost-effective and creative solutions to environmental issues.

Our group provides carefully contemplated environmental strategies, which evidence our understanding of the importance of both mounting a vigorous defense and maintaining a close working relationship with regulatory authorities.

Interfacing with Regulatory Agencies and Municipal Government
Regulatory agencies and municipal governments materially impact our client’s development and production goals. Stradley Ronon’s environmental lawyers effectively represent our clients before regulatory agencies and municipal governments to ensure the fair application of the law and to change the law to reflect our client’s legitimate needs. We press for equitable permit conditions in air, water and solid waste permits, and ensure the seamless incorporation of permit conditions into other project approvals. We also frequently appear before municipal environmental advisory committees, planning commissions and zoning hearing boards, as environmental issues frequently emerge in development projects and can be subjected to arbitrary treatment under local political pressure. This practice area also includes our work in eminent domain projects, advising our clients on the legal parameters of this evolving field of law, and ensuring the appropriate handling of environmental claims
and issues.

Environmental Litigation
We regularly represent clients in cases deciding environmental liability, whether in the enforcement context, or as between private parties. Our experience includes aggressive and complex enforcement defense under RCRA, the Clean Water Act, the Clean Air Act, NEPA, and many state and local laws. We also bring actions for contribution under a variety of environmental programs, including CERCLA, to
ensure that our clients are not burdened with unwarranted or inequitable liabilities. Moreover, we represent major companies on mass exposure cases acting not only as trial attorneys, but frequently as appellate and ADR counsel.

Compliance Counseling
Effective liability prevention requires our environmental lawyers to thoroughly understand a client’s business, so that legal counseling and planning can have immediate practical relevance to a client. We strive to know our clients’ business and understand their facilities. We work closely with our clients to develop workable solutions to issues as they arise and to develop comprehensive and pragmatic policies and procedures to allow clients to effectively manage recurring environmental compliance issues. Our overriding goal is to demonstrate that our proposed compliance programs enhance our clients’ overall financial performance.

Transaction and Remediation Management
Our lawyers perform the thorough due diligence necessary to identify environmental liability issues, structure transactions to manage and allocate any such liabilities and ensure that our client’s protections are underwritten by a combination of strong indemnity funds, insurance products and liability transfer agreements. We routinely seek liability protections from federal and state authorities, and use these as the foundation for our redevelopment and brownfield transactions. Our view is that clients frequently benefit from the reuse of blighted land that is strategically located, and we maximize tax benefits, grants and low interest loan availability to suit our client’s preferences. We have substantial experience in strategizing remediation approaches when a new discharge occurs or when an ongoing remediation seems to be languishing. Understanding the technical aspect of remediations, even more so than the legal issues, allows us to bring practical guidance to clients dealing with inconvenient problems.

Marcellus Shale Natural Gas
OUR Practice
With years of practical experience in landfill gas projects, Stradley Ronon is uniquely positioned and focused on maximizing the abundant Marcellus Shale natural gas reserves. We have worked for many years prior to the new discoveries on developing strategies and answers to financing, logistical and legal issues arising in the novel applications of natural and landfill gas extraction and innovation. Most importantly, we integrate the environmental, corporate finance and tax issues pivotal to natural and landfill gas development. Our connections within critical regulatory agencies, as well as mid-Atlantic state administrations and the federal government, afford our clients access and an edge that gives priority and prominence to their energy projects for funding, permitting and development.

OUR Services
We work collaboratively with our clients to find the best answers to their challenges, including:

  • tax structuring solutions 
  • construction and project financing 
  • intellectual property protection 
  • obtaining equity capital, low interest loans and grants 
  • government affairs and advocacy 
  • permitting and land development approvals 
  • risk mitigation, including insurance products for project delay and business interruption

OUR Client Successes
Our attorneys have represented clients in transactions including:

  • tax structuring of methane gas pipeline, liquefaction and CHP projects 
  • project financing and environmental permitting for gas developments

We are working on some of the most cutting-edge uses of methane gas, creating ultra-clean fuels, profitable energy-producing facilities and biomass-derived industrial chemicals.

For early stage companies, we have assisted with venture capital, compensation and incentive packages for key management, technology licensing and technology transfer.

Stradley Ronon attorneys have decades of experience dealing with taxation of investment partnerships and tax regulations affecting depreciation and investment tax grants/credits; financing of all forms and types of projects on behalf of developers, lenders and investors; and other issues facing energy and clean tech businesses.

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