Gillian G. Facher

Executive Director

Gillian Facher


As executive director of Stradley Ronon, Gillian Facher focuses most of her time on matters relating to partner leadership and development, practice group management, and lateral acquisitions and integration. Gillian is also responsible for oversight of most of the firm’s business operations, including human resources, recruiting and professional development, marketing, operations, information systems, library and research services, and regional office operations. The heads of these operational divisions report to her and she reports directly to the Management Committee and to the Board of Directors.

Gillian joined Stradley Ronon in 1982, and has taken on numerous roles for the firm since that time. She started out as a bankruptcy paralegal before making the move into firm administration when she was promoted to director of associate development in 1987. She assumed broader responsibilities when she was promoted to director of human resources and administrative services in 1989. In 1991, she was promoted again, this time to executive director. Over time, her position has changed considerably as the firm has grown and in recent years, her role has become focused more on the strategic and less on the operational.

Gillian has managed the firm through times of change and expansion. When she joined in July of 1982, Stradley Ronon had fewer than 60 attorneys and only one office. Today the firm boasts over 200 attorneys in eight locations, with a total population of about 400 partners and employees. In her more than 25 years serving in various administrative capacities with Stradley Ronon, Gillian has played a leadership role in numerous firm initiatives, including business development programs for partners and associates; partner leadership and coaching programs; initiatives to realign practice groups, overhaul client intake, improve mentoring and increase collaborative business development; client profitability and project management efforts; strategic planning development and implementation; office design and renovation; targeted acquisitions and the integration of lateral partners, and the opening of regional offices and expansion of strategically important practice groups.

Gillian has been one of Business Philadelphia’s "People to Watch." She has been a speaker at several Association of Legal Administrator and National Association of Law Placement conferences over the years, and is an active participant in the Philadelphia legal community with her peers from other large law firms.

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  • A.B., Bryn Mawr College

  • Association of Legal Administrators
  • ALA - Large Firm Administrators
  • Stradley Ronon Diversity Committee
  • Philadelphia Academies, Inc.
    • Board of Directors
    • City Wide Advisory Board
  • Founding Member, Philadelphia PENCIL Partnership
  • Stradley Ronon Diversity Group
  • Stradley Ronon Technology Committee 


In The Community

Gillian serves on the board of the Philadelphia Academies, Inc., as well as on its Business & Financial Services Industry Advisory as a liaison to the Philadelphia School District. She is a founding member of the Philadelphia PENCIL Partnership, which pairs business executives with Philadelphia high school principals in long-term coaching relationships. Gillian’s current PENCIL Partner is the President of Central High School.
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