Internal Investigations, Corporate Compliance & White-Collar Crime


OUR Practice
Using skills honed through years of experience, Stradley Ronon’s lawyers guide clients through some of their most delicate and potentially damaging situations. Clients regularly call on us to conduct thorough internal investigations, create and implement effective corporate compliance programs, and defend against allegations of white-collar crime. Our clients – including individuals, corporations, nonprofits and governing bodies such as audit committees and boards of directors – rely on our substantive experience, industry knowledge and professional discretion to get them through the most complex and sensitive issues in an efficient and cost-effective manner. In addition, we regularly collaborate with other firm lawyers to ensure comprehensive counsel and seamless representation regardless of the industry or type of matter involved. 

OUR Experience
Our internal investigations experience runs the gamut from examining allegations of financial fraud to analyzing compliance with relevant employment laws. By virtue of the firm’s strong reputation in the financial services industry, we have extensive experience conducting internal investigations relating to:

  • securities fraud
  • federal and state tax fraud
  • RICO
  • bank and bankruptcy fraud
  • commercial bribery
  • mail and wire fraud

Our lawyers have also worked with clients on investigations pertaining to Medicare and Medicaid fraud and abuse, as well as various federal and state regulations on a variety of issues. Recognizing the increasingly digital nature of today’s business world, our team is proficient in conducting the type of large-scale document review that is necessary in many investigations. This experience enables us to quickly sift through volumes of data, readily identifying and focusing on relevant documents instead of spending countless hours determining which documents are salient.   

For our corporate and nonprofit clients, we design and implement comprehensive compliance programs that meet their business needs while preventing, detecting and rectifying misconduct. These programs include robust training sessions and audit procedures to minimize the risk of future investigations or allegations of wrongdoing.

Most of the matters we handle are resolved before a suit is filed or an investigation becomes public, but in those instances when litigation arises, our experienced litigation team members serve as zealous advocates throughout the process. We represent defendants and witnesses appearing in state and federal grand jury proceedings, appearing before licensing boards and investigative commissions, and, if necessary, through trial and appeal. Our experience also extends to successfully representing clients in parallel civil and criminal proceedings and concurrent lawsuits, regulatory actions and government investigations, including shareholder suits, IRS actions and other civil actions stemming from criminal charges or investigations.

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