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Institutional Investors Roundtable for Consultants and Institutional Investors

October 3 - 6, 2017

Chicago, Illinois
The Four Seasons Hotel Chicago
120 East Delaware Place
The 2017 Roundtable for Consultants & Institutional Investors will explore the relationship and interdependency of the various constituents of the asset management industry and provide a venue to discuss the opportunities and challenges in today’s marketplace.

The DOL Fiduciary Rule: Done Deal or More to Come?
Oct. 6, 10:45 - 11:30 a.m.

After many fits and starts, a new fiduciary rule is scheduled to take effect in June of this year, with full implementation by January 1, 2018. But just when it seemed the book would finally be closed on this important legislation, a few days after his inauguration, President Donald Trump ordered the DOL to examine whether the new rule would adversely affect access to retirement saving advice and to conduct a new economic and legal analysis of its likely impact. Thus, there may well be additional changes to the fiduciary duty rule and related exemptions. In light of these recent developments, this panel will discuss the DOL fiduciary rule as it morphs and crystallizes under the Trump Administration. Most importantly: what will be the implications for industry participants and how?

George Michael Gerstein, Counsel

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