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Summer Trouble at the Jersey Shore: How to Help Your Clients, Friends, and Family!

May 14, 2018
12:00 - 1:00 p.m.

Philadelphia, PA
This program analyzes the different criminal charges that an individual may face in New Jersey, primarily during the Summer season at the Jersey Shore, and how to handle encounters with law enforcement. It also provides details about what to do both during and after an arrest, and what to expect when going to court. The program examines potential conflicts of interest for attorneys representing multiple defendants from one incident and focuses on the importance of legal representation as well as the collateral consequences for clients facing criminal charges in New Jersey.


  1. The Arrest and the Charges (30 Minutes)
    1. Do’s and Don’ts of getting arrested.
    2. Discussion of the types of criminal charges an individual could face, the penalties related, including collateral consequences, and if bail is required (detained vs. pre-trial release conditions).
  1. Preparation for Court (15 Minutes)
    1. Discussion of the importance of hiring an attorney and the potential conflicts of interest if there are multiple defendants.
    2. Discussion of investigation and preparation prior to court (i.e., meeting with the client and reviewing related police reports).
  1. Court (15 Minutes)
    1. Explanation of how the NJ  Municipal Court process works, including negotiating with the Prosecutor, and the meaning of the final disposition. 
    2. Discussion as to the charges that are eligible for an expungement.

Greising Law, 1717 Arch St., Suite 3630, Philadelphia, PA                    Monday, May 14
Caesar Rivise, 7 Penn Center, 1635 Market St., 12th Floor, Philadelphia, PA                   Thursday, May 17
Reed Smith, 3 Logan Square, 1717 Arch St., Suite 3100, Philadelphia, PA                    Monday, May 21
Posternock Apell, 400 N. Church St., Suite 250, Moorestown, NJ                  Thursday, May 24
Larsson & Scheuiritzel, Centre Square West, 1500 Market St., Ste 3510W, Philadelphia, PA               Wednesday, May 30

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