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Grant Thornton and Stradley Ronon Webcast:
Are 401(k) funds an opportunity private equity funds should pursue?

September 29, 2020
1-2 p.m. (EDT)

The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) issued important new guidance for 401k plan investment committees on June 3 that want to include private equity as a component of a target date fund or other diversified investment fund offered within a 401k plan. For decades, institutional investors including defined benefit pension plans, endowments and foundations have long included investments in private equity (PE) as part of a diversified portfolio. Fiduciaries of defined contribution (e.g., 401k) retirement plans, however, have been reluctant to add the asset class to their plans for fear of running afoul of legal and regulatory hurdles. The Information Letter from the DOL is important because it gives fiduciaries more legal certainty if they want to consider additional asset classes as part of a diversified 401k investment option.

Join Grant Thornton and Stradley Ronon for a live webcast discussion and Q&A of notable challenges and opportunities, including tax, legal and regulatory implications for PE. We’ll discuss:

  • Pros and cons of taking in 401k plan dollars
  • Potential competitive advantage of including PE for plan sponsors
  • DOL guidance and structural considerations


Michael Patanella - Audit Partner, National Asset Management Sector Leader, Grant Thornton LLP
Bob Dunne - Tax Partner, Grant Thornton, LLP
Judd Wright - Audit Partner, Grant Thornton LLP
George Michael Gerstein, Co-Chair, Fiduciary Governance, Stradley Ronon
John P. Hamilton, Counsel, Stradley Ronon

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