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Joan Olbaum Swirsky Quoted Regarding Money Fund Reform Bill in Ignites

June 14, 2017
Press Clippings
Stradley Ronon Counsel Joan Olbaum Swirsky was quoted in the Ignites article, "Bill to Unwind Money Fund Reform Stokes Compliance Concerns."

"Despite the headaches that accompanied the rule, asset management firms won’t necessarily welcome its scrapping, says Joan Ohlbaum Swirsky, a Stradley Ronon attorney. Money funds have spent these past few years and [considerable] money explaining to their shareholders the changes, and it’s an odd situation to be in to need to say never mind, Swirsky says. The operational aspects that were put in effect would have to be reversed. And I suppose it might be simpler to reverse it than to create the infrastructure in the first place, [but] it’s not just a matter of flipping the switch.”

To read the full article, visit Ignites (subscription required).

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