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George Michael Gerstein Quoted in The Wall Street Journal Discussing the Fiduciary Rule

September 12, 2017
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Stradley Ronon Counsel George Michael Gerstein was quoted in the recent Wall Street Journal article, “States to Trump: Leave Retirement Rule Intact of We'll Act.” The article discusses the recent bills signed by states to expand fiduciary requirements for brokers. 

“This could become a bit like Frankenstein,” said Gerstein. “If states go their own way on this, it could become a nightmare.” Meanwhile, industry executives are watching California, where a Senate resolution introduced in June “has telegraphed to [regulators] that they shouldn’t tinker too much with the DOL rule,” Gerstein said. If that translates to a bill, he said, “then that changes everything.” If California acts, “this takes on a life of its own,” said Gerstein.

To read the full article, visit The Wall Street Journal.

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