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George Michael Gerstein Quoted in Several Publications Regarding the Latest DOL Fiduciary Rule Developments

May 08, 2018
Press Clippings

Stradley Ronon Counsel George Michael Gerstein was quoted in ThinkAdvisor’s article, “DOL Announces Fiduciary Rule Enforcement Policy,” Fund Action’s article, “DOL Guidance Clears some Fiduciary Smog” and InvestmentNews’ article, “Court Ruling Aside, For Now DOL Will Rely On Fiduciary Rule to Govern Investment Advice” discussing continued investment firm reliance on the DOL fiduciary rule after the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals’ decision to strike down the rule.

“The Department of Labor recognizes the uncertainty that’s permeating the climate at this point.This is probably the first of many steps to come in trying to bring clarify to the situation.”

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