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George Michael Gerstein Profiled in 401K Specialist Magazine Regarding ESG Investing 

May 25, 2018
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Stradley Ronon Counsel George Michael Gerstein was profiled in 401K Specialist’s article, “Clearly Confusing: How to Define and Incorporate ESG In Retirement Plans,” discussing ESG investing and its role in retirement planning.

“ESG is a big umbrella and covers such factors as climate change risk, board diversity, corporate governance and cybersecurity. People will sometimes refer to ‘ESG investing’ to mean impact investing, socially responsible investing or economically targeted investing, which are entirely distinct.

It’s unfortunate all of these different approaches to incorporating ESG factors get conflated because it muddies the water on the fiduciary duties. 

I was recently on a panel in New York and polled the audience on whether they knew what ESG investing meant. Let’s just say no one was eager to step forward and hazard a guess because we all knew in that room at that time that there was widespread confusion over this terminology.”

To read the full article, click here.  
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