Gillian G. Facher

Partner Acquisitions Officer

Gillian Facher


After more than 35 years in leadership at Stradley Ronon, Gillian Facher stepped back from her duties as executive director to take on a new role, that of partner acquisitions officer. In her new position, Gillian is responsible for leading the firm's efforts to recruit and retain top partner talent, aligning the firm’s lateral acquisition needs with its strategic plan, client demand and targeted areas of growth. She works closely with department and practice group chairs, the firm’s management committee and the board of directors to identify and recruit qualified partner candidates across all geographies and areas of legal specialty.

Gillian's ability to create a sense of belonging and inclusivity at Stradley Ronon, paired with her strong business acumen, has enabled her to create a robust pipeline of lateral partner acquisitions. She has attracted top talent and built a united and committed team, all of which have helped to drive the firm's growth in recent years.

Gillian served as Stradley Ronon’s executive director for over three decades, where she not only paved the way for other women in law firm leadership positions but also created a culture of acceptance and diversity throughout Stradley Ronon. As executive director, Gillian focused her efforts on matters relating to partner leadership and career development, practice group management and lateral acquisitions and integration. Gillian also oversaw most of the firm’s business operations, including human resources, recruiting and professional development, marketing, operations, information systems, library and research services and regional office operations.

When she became executive director in 1991, Gillian was one of fewer than a dozen women in that position nationwide and the only lesbian. She is proud to be part of a firm that celebrated her diversity and the diversity of others – both lawyers and business professionals – at a time when the only reason to do so was because it was the right thing to do. More than 40 years later, Gillian continues to be a champion and promoter of women and diverse Stradlians with the robust support of her firm.

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  • A.B., Bryn Mawr College

  • Association of Legal Administrators
  • ALA - Large Firm Administrators
  • Stradley Ronon Management Committee
  • Stradley Ronon Diversity Committee
  • Stradley Ronon Technology Committee
  • Founding Member, Philadelphia PENCIL Partnership
  • Volunteer, MANNA


Speaking Engagements

  • Speaker, “Then and Now: Queer History and Progress from The People Who Lived It,” Stradley Ronon
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  • Philadelphia Business Journal, Diversity Leaders in Business Honoree
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In The Community

Gillian has been one of Business Philadelphia’s “People to Watch.” She has been a speaker at several Association of Legal Administrators and National Association of Law Placement conferences over the years and is an active participant in the Philadelphia legal community with her peers from other large law firms. She is passionate about helping to end hunger in Philadelphia, which was her motivation in stepping away from her role as executive director. To that end, she currently serves as a volunteer at the Metropolitan Area Neighborhood Nutrition Alliance (MANNA), one of several organizations combating food insecurity in which she is involved. She is a founding member of the Philadelphia PENCIL Partnership, which pairs business executives with Philadelphia high school principals in long-term coaching relationships.

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