Stradley Ronon's Focus on Diversity is Essential

Stradley Ronon is committed to diversity for many reasons: because it provides a voice to the unique perspectives of all our attorneys; because it reflects the evolving face of the legal profession; and because it allows us to provide the highest-quality services to our clients, who are as diverse as we are. Most of all, though, Stradley is committed to diversity because we believe there is strength in the differences among our experiences and world views.

While Stradley’s commitment to diversity continues today, we recognized the importance of diversity in law firms long before it was fashionable to do so. We had women lawyers in the ‘50s, African-American partners in the ‘70s, diverse attorneys in leadership positions in the ‘80s, a female managing partner in the ‘90s and the first African-American Chancellor of the Bar. We don’t just talk about diversity: we have lived it and continue to do so today.

Our Impact and Involvement 
Our diverse attorneys hold important positions in the leadership and management of key committees within the firm. They are represented across every practice area, in every department and in every office. From Craig Blackman co-chairing the firm’s insurance practice group to Prufesh Modhera being Partner-in-Charge of our Washington, D.C., office and Brian Seaman serving on the hiring committee, our diverse attorneys have a seat at the table and a voice in the conversation – and everyone benefits because of it.

Outside of the firm, our diverse lawyers are making a difference in their communities, in the business world and in the legal profession. Gillian Facher is a founding member of the Philadelphia PENCIL Partnership; Danielle Banks belongs to the Pennsylvania Bar Association’s House of Delegates; and Deborah Hong serves on the board of the Main Line Chamber of Commerce, to name just a few examples.