Business today spans cities, regions, time zones and continents. Stradley Ronon is uniquely qualified to help our clients navigate legal and business issues across the country and around the globe, through our affiliation with Meritas.

As a member of the Meritas, Stradley Ronon is part of a network of pre-qualified, quality, independent business law firms throughout the United States and around the world. Meritas has member firms in more than 92 countries, in over 250 cities, with more than 7,000 lawyers – throughout Europe, Asia, the Middle East, North America, Latin America and the Caribbean, and a growing footprint in Africa. In the United States, Meritas has firms in approximately 115 cities, spanning all 50 states. Stradley Ronon and other Meritas member firms are accepted by invitation only and after a rigorous review, and are required to participate in ongoing recertification and peer review to ensure adherence to Meritas’ high level of client service.

The Meritas alliance gives Stradley Ronon a virtual presence in every major city and business center worldwide, enabling us to provide seamless, cost-effective and quality services almost anywhere our clients have legal or business needs. Meritas law firms are deeply rooted in their local markets, with a depth of experience in their jurisdiction’s laws and business customs, and valuable relationships within their local business communities. Through Meritas, our attorneys are able to secure jurisdiction-specific legal or business guidance in unfamiliar places, without having to sacrifice responsiveness or individualized attention.

Stradley Ronon is the exclusive Meritas member in Philadelphia and Eastern Pennsylvania, and our Washington, D.C. office also is an important part of the international network. Our attorneys have personal relationships with lawyers throughout the worldwide affiliation, and several of our attorneys have served on the Meritas Board of Directors, its Executive Committee or in other leadership positions for the alliance, providing even broader and deeper connections within Meritas. One of our attorneys was a founder of the affiliation more than 25 years ago.

Here are some benefits our clients enjoy through our Meritas affiliation:

  • Responsive access to legal services in other jurisdictions, with confidence in the quality of the firm.
  • The ability, through various platforms, to pose questions to our colleagues across the United States and around the world simply, quickly and inexpensively. We use this system whenever a client requires advice in several jurisdictions or in a unique area of law.
  • Use of Meritas’ courtesy advice policy, which allows member firms and their clients to obtain guidance from other member firms at no charge.
  • Access to in-depth knowledge of local laws and business practices.
  •  Access to specialized or niche areas of law.
  • The ability to seamlessly collaborate with, or refer with confidence to, our out-of-state or out-of-country firms that maintain similar high standards of service as we do.

Through our active participation in Meritas and our worldwide reach, we are in a unique position to better serve our clients no matter where their business may take them.