Stradley Ronon might sound to you like every other big law firm out there: sophisticated clients, high-rise offices and skilled attorneys. So what sets Stradley apart? It could be our commitment to giving young attorneys immediate real-world experience. It could be that Stradley services some of the biggest clients in the country while maintaining a friendly small-firm atmosphere. Or it could be that everyone from our chairman and managing partner to the majority of our associates are Stradley “lifers” – attorneys who started here as summer associates and have never left. In a time where American workers change jobs an average of 11 times in a career, Stradley is obviously doing something right.

Since 1926, we have grown from only three attorneys to approximately 200 attorneys. And as we have expanded, so has our practice. Today, we handle virtually all aspects of corporate law. We litigate national products liability cases. We help companies complete mergers and acquisitions. We ensure our financial services clients comply with the latest securities and banking regulations. We file patents and enforce trademarks.

Just as importantly, we care as much about our colleagues as we do our clients. When you join Stradley, you’re not just joining a law firm, you’re joining a community of professionals who are committed to providing our clients with excellent legal work and our colleagues with the support and training they need to grow.

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