Intellectual Property Trade Secret Matters


Secret formulas, business methods and processes often make the difference between a company that is just one of many and a company that stands out from the competition. Businesses such as Coca-Cola and KFC became global giants by creating and then preserving the secrecy of their exceptional product recipes. For some businesses, client lists make the difference; for others it’s a business method or formula. But in each case, preserving that asset’s confidentiality is essential to achieving and maintaining a competitive advantage. 
Intellectual Property - Trade Secret Matters

Trade secrets encompass a wide variety of information and technologies, and the Stradley Ronon intellectual property (IP) practice group is well-equipped to provide the best advice for protecting those assets.

Protecting Your Trade Secrets
Our IP practice helps clients protect their IP assets from inadvertent and intentional disclosure and misappropriation. Our attorneys are experienced in devising comprehensive trade secret protection policies and protocols that prevent disclosure and misappropriation of trade secrets, and we protect our clients’ legal interests in the event of misappropriation.

Working closely with our clients, we help them evaluate the assets that require protection and establish policies and best practices for protection. We also advise on the scope and enforceability of restrictive covenants, confidentiality, nondisclosure and nonsolicitation agreements, and other means to protect trade secrets and proprietary information, as well as assist in developing ways to safeguard confidential business information that does not qualify for trade secret protection.

Business Experience & Technical Knowledge
Our IP practice group members have earned a variety of scientific degrees, including advanced degrees in the electrical, mechanical and chemical arts, and have experience with a broad range of business methods and technologies related to life sciences, medical devices, materials applications, and computer systems and software, among others.

Many of our IP attorneys are former engineers and scientists. Team members hold federal government security clearances for certain projects, and some of our attorneys have worked as in-house counsel to companies heavily reliant on trade secrets. With that combination of business experience, legal skill and technical knowledge, we readily understand the technologies and formulas and devise effective strategies to protect them.

Depth & Breadth of Experience
Stradley Ronon attorneys have advised on many types of protectable assets, including those as diverse as state-of-the-art materials related to sophisticated jet aircraft engines, such as the design and development of advanced control systems for aircrafts, semiconductor processing, proprietary formulations and processes related to chemical and pharmaceutical product development and manufacturing.

As IP counsel, we have advised large and small companies regarding the appropriate procedures for maintaining trade secrets. We regularly review and prepare company policies, employment agreements, nondisclosure agreements and similar confidentiality agreements to preserve trade secrets. We also offer manager and employee training to help client staff members identify, preserve and protect trade secrets and avoid claims by third parties.

Additionally, our skilled team of IP litigators are adept at arguing for temporary restraining orders and preliminary and permanent injunctions to prevent misappropriation and limit damage when disclosures occur. We have an impressive record of success enforcing trade secrets and asserting and defending trade secret misappropriation claims.

Beyond the practice of law, Stradley Ronon IP attorneys teach law school classes, offer seminars around the country and write extensively on trade secret topics.




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