Stradley Ronon Takes Jaunt Air Mobility LLC to New IP Heights

When Jaunt Air Mobility LLC (Jaunt) requires assistance with intellectual property matters, it turns to Stradley Ronon. Stradley Ronon’s IP attorneys have advanced degrees in aerospace engineering, have experience representing clients in the industry, and have worked closely with Jaunt’s CEO, Kaydon Stanzione, on patent matters for many years. Thus, Stradley Ronon is well-positioned to provide integral advice on key issues involving patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets and other related areas. In addition, Stradley Ronon’s ever-growing knowledge of the aerospace industry, and how it affects Jaunt’s needs and goals, will undoubtedly serve both Stradley Ronon and Jaunt well. Stradley Ronon is proud to assist Jaunt in successfully navigating complex IP issues born from an ever-changing aerospace landscape.

Founded one year ago, Jaunt is a leader in the emerging business sector known as Advanced Air Mobility (AAM). Jaunt is building a world-class compound aircraft, a true combination of a helicopter and fixed-wing aircraft, and has developed a business model that addresses the AAM eco-system. Jaunt’s rapid rise in the global AAM market is due to the strength of Jaunt’s aircraft design, intellectual property portfolio, and experienced senior management. Jaunt was quickly named an Uber Elevate partner. The advanced propulsion design features Jaunt’s patented Reduced rotor Operating Speed Aircraft (ROSA™) technology. The aircraft operates with WhisperFly™ technology at a reduced noise level that is not only lower than fixed-wing aircraft and today’s helicopters but is acceptable to residential communities. The aircraft also offers the highest ride quality utilizing Jaunt’s LevelFly™ technology. Jaunt’s all-electric air vehicle has no combustible liquids, which eliminates fire hazards in the air and on the ground.

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