Intellectual Property Opinions Counseling & Due Diligence


Understanding how intellectual property (IP) can be used, protected and optimized is critical when competing for business and operating on a global scale.

Stradley Ronon’s IP attorneys analyze IP issues and draft legal opinions regarding patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets and other forms of IP, advising on the full range of issues our clients face. Our IP practice includes former engineers and scientists, attorneys with advanced technical degrees and lawyers who served as in-house counsel at businesses highly reliant on IP. This combination of experience enables us to readily understand, leverage and protect client innovations, recognize licensing opportunities, maximize IP portfolio potential, and assist in devising effective business and marketing strategies and infringement protections.

Intellectual Property - Opinions Counseling & Due Diligence

Comprehensive Service
We counsel clients throughout the life cycle of their innovations, from idea development through IP portfolio management, providing infringement analysis, evaluating licensing arrangements, conducting due diligence investigations, resolving disputes and engaging in strategic enforcement efforts, including the use of reexaminations, interpartes reviews and reissues.

Our IP practice group regularly offers counsel and provides opinions regarding such issues as:

  • patent claim construction, prosecution, infringement, right to use, misuse, patentability, validity and enforceability, as well as design-around issues 
  • trademark availability, prosecution, right to register, infringement, right to use, misuse, unfair competition, dilution, domain name protection and other Internet considerations 
  • copyright availability, registration, duration, ownership and protection, infringement, fair use and Internet-related issues 
  • trade secret status, ownership, permissible disclosures, protections and uses, as well as practices and protocols to preserve trade secret status, prevent misappropriation and safeguard proprietary information 
  • licensing options, rights and restrictions 
  • import and export controls and foreign and domestic filing strategies 
  • IP portfolio strength, scope, development and management



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