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OUR Practice
Our mergers & acquisitions practice consists of lawyers with extensive experience representing clients in acquisitions, mergers, divestitures, joint ventures and similar transactions. Our merger and acquisition lawyers represent buyers and sellers, both public and private and both foreign and domestic, in transactions of all sizes across a broad array of industries. In each case, we strive to manage the transaction in the way that will best achieve the client’s objectives.

OUR Goals
The goal of Stradley Ronon’s mergers & acquisitions practice is to guide clients through a deal process that, while exciting, is also complex, time-consuming and often difficult. Our merger and acquisition lawyers understand that for some clients, mergers, acquisitions, divestitures and other transformative transactions are a regular part of their business, while for other clients such transactions are a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

For clients doing their first M&A deal, we recognize that we must be not only lawyers, but also teachers. We gladly take time to familiarize these clients with the M&A process, to help them gauge their expectations regarding the time and effort needed to accomplish a deal, and to carefully explain the way that issues are ultimately addressed in the numerous transaction documents.

"Stradley's size makes them nimble and flexible. Compared to other full-service firms, they demonstrate flexibility and speed in decision-making and action. At Stradley, partners can make a decision and 'go.'" - Armstrong World Industries

For our experienced M&A clients, we aim to partner in a pragmatic relationship that works seamlessly and efficiently. We are happy to take on as much or as little of the work as the client wishes, such as dividing up due diligence or drafting responsibilities in a way that takes advantage of the client’s internal M&A capabilities while ensuring that all deal issues are identified and appropriately addressed. This “a la carte” approach allows us to provide only those services that are of true value to our experienced M&A clients.

And for all of our M&A clients, we seek to share in a successful deal process that ultimately realizes the client’s objectives for the transaction.



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