Cyber Insurance


Cyber incidents, data breaches and hackers – they seem to be keeping everyone up at night, from sole proprietors to C-suite executives. But there is another critical yet often overlooked concern: how to structure insurance coverage as part of a comprehensive risk-management package to protect against the devastating consequences an important data loss can cause.

More than 50 insurance companies are writing policies today that offer some type of cyber “coverage.” But with each policy’s different definitions, coverages and exceptions, how can you know what type of coverage is appropriate for your company? How can you figure out what is actually covered? And, in the event of a data breach, who can help you handle these new and emerging issues?

How We Can Help
Stradley Ronon’s cyber insurance team can help you evaluate and select coverage, walk you through the ins and outs of your existing coverage to ensure that it will protect your company in the event of data loss, work with you to proactively protect your data before an incident occurs, and provide counsel after a data breach regarding your existing insurance coverage as well as any statutory notification requirements. We understand complex insurance coverage, technology and data privacy, insurance litigation, and regulatory issues; we know where the gaps and pitfalls in your coverage may reside. In addition, our lawyers have strong relationships with state regulators and decision-makers who formulate the guidelines and procedures governing cyber insurance. This access enables us to stay on top of changing regulations and best practices and to share this information with you in real time.

We are the firm you need when you want to select cyber coverage; understand, analyze and protect what you have; and, if disaster strikes, work with you and your insurance company on coverage claims and notification requirements.


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