Intellectual Property Licensing


For businesses built on innovation, intellectual property (IP) is among their most valuable assets. Through strategic IP licensing arrangements, IP owners can generate significant income, improve their market share and increase awareness of their brands. Those that depend on the creativity of others can use licensing arrangements to acquire needed innovations, cut development costs, bring products to market faster, and benefit from the resources and efforts of those who have already created what they need.

Intellectual Property - Licensing

Stradley Ronon IP attorneys help clients formulate, implement and execute worldwide IP optimization and protection strategies. We assist IP owners/licensors, creators and licensees in structuring licensing arrangements to secure their competitive advantage.

Our Interdisciplinary Experience
Recognizing that licensing is an interdisciplinary field requiring the collaboration of technology, law and business, we structured our IP practice group to include attorneys experienced in all three disciplines. Members of the group have served as in-house counsel, have advanced technical degrees, are former engineers and scientists, and are experienced in a wide variety of technologies, including the electrical, mechanical and chemical arts, life sciences, medical devices, materials applications, computer systems and software and business methods.
This combination of skills enable us to readily understand, value and leverage client innovations, recognize licensing opportunities, maximize their potential and assist in devising effective business and marketing strategies.

Our Approach
Every license agreement should be specific to the parties, the IP, and the rights granted and obligations undertaken. With that in mind, when handling licensing matters we begin by listening carefully to our clients to assess their needs and goals. Then we negotiate the deal, drafting an agreement that addresses the various issues that may arise, reflects our client’s wishes, sets forth adequate protections and clearly defines the scope of the license.

Our firm maintains a database of IP licensing agreements, enabling us to quickly and cost-effectively customize agreements without the need to draft anew.




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