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Patents are often the creative foundation on which businesses are built and thrive. From idea development through exploitation, it is necessary to have the broadest protections in place to prevent infringement and devise sound strategies to optimize the value of innovations.

Intellectual Property - Patent Procurement  

With depth and breadth of patent experience, Stradley Ronon understands the importance of establishing and protecting the rights to inventions and discoveries. We recognize that the greatest challenge is creating a patent with a scope that maximizes its commercial value while protecting it from competitors. Combining legal and technical knowledge, we help clients maximize intellectual property (IP) asset values and ensure protection from infringement.

Our Tech-Savvy Team
Members of our IP practice group have earned advanced degrees in the electrical, mechanical and chemical arts, and have experience with a broad range of business methods and technologies related to life sciences, medical devices, materials applications, and computer systems and software, among others.

Our IP attorneys are former engineers and scientists. Team members hold federal government security clearances for certain projects, and have worked as in-house counsel to companies heavily reliant on patents and trade secret protection. Our unique combination of business experience, legal skill and technical knowledge enables us to devise effective strategies to optimize IP value and protect it from infringement.

Advocating for Our Clients
The patent procurement process begins with the patent application. Working closely with inventors, we carefully craft the invention description and assist inventors in filing their patent applications. We then prosecute those applications before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and international patent offices to attain the patents.

Stradley Ronon’s IP practice group members have vast experience in patent preparation, prosecution, litigation and business transactions. We are skilled at patent portfolio management, patent enforcement and assessing, and helping clients leverage licensing opportunities. We are also experienced with two of the most prevalent patents recognized under U.S. patent law: utility patents and design patents.

In each instance, our attorneys evaluate the particular client’s business environment to develop a patent strategy that best benefits that business.

As patent prosecution counsel, we advocate the broadest scope of protection for our clients’ innovations. We have also prosecuted and obtained design patents for many clients and have been engaged in reexamination and reissue cases in the United States and in oppositions in Europe.

Maximizing Patent Value
In addition to maximizing our clients’ patent protection, Stradley Ronon has experience in the strategic aspects of patents. Representing clients ranging from large corporations and universities to sole inventors, we provide tactical advice on patent portfolio management and evaluate rights and resolve IP issues in the context of mergers, acquisitions, dispositions and other types of transactions.

We are experienced at building patent portfolios and reviewing patent portfolios in terms of their strengths, weaknesses, scope and development opportunities. Our lawyers advise clients on how to efficiently perform IP audits, determine business objectives, and correlate those objectives with research and development. We also counsel clients on obtaining offensive and defensive patents to block competition and protect current and future technology.

Stradley Ronon attorneys not only have the necessary experience to protect our clients’ valuable inventions and discoveries, but we also truly enjoy helping clients actualize and optimize the value of new and exciting ideas.




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