E-Discovery Team


Assembling documents for litigation or an investigation used to be almost as simple as opening a file cabinet or storage box. Today, however, it is far more complex, frequently requiring searches of servers, backup files, hard drives, mobile devices, cloud computing sites and social media, with hundreds – if not thousands – of areas and formats in which relevant information can be stored.

To manage a business’s risk before litigation and, when the time comes, effectively preserve, collect, analyze and produce its data, clients must ask themselves:

  • Can my attorneys advise me regarding the best practices for managing my data sources?
  • Can they assist me with forming an information governance policy?
  • Can they help me navigate each phase of the electronic discovery process?

And most important:

  • Can they do so in a manner that achieves the best possible results while keeping costs predictable?

Real-World Experience
Stradley Ronon is not just proficient at document management and discovery. We also take a value-driven approach to delivering results. From helping clients establish or enhance information governance policies through assisting with pre-litigation planning to developing and employing discovery strategies, we advise on all aspects of data retention, use and security.

All e-discovery team members maintain active litigation and enforcement practices. Our clients benefit from our real-world experience practicing in an array of fields and our decades of litigating matters in federal and state courts, and administrative forums and handling investigations across the nation.

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