Alternative Dispute Resolution


Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) can offer many advantages over the traditional litigation process. It provides efficiency, affordability, flexibility and confidentiality. The parties have greater control of the outcome and the potential for creative solutions to disputes. Far less adversarial than litigation, ADR helps preserve and enhance business relationships.

OUR Comprehensive Service
Lawyers in Stradley Ronon’s alternative dispute resolution practice group are experienced in all forms of ADR and are skilled at using dispute resolution strategically to our clients’ advantage. We serve as client advocates, where we handle negotiations, mediations and arbitrations, and provide clients with ADR advice; our services also include early case assessments and guidance regarding how best to resolve disputes. In addition, we negotiate, draft and enforce ADR clauses, design conflict management systems for businesses, and provide educational seminars and instruction regarding the use of ADR.

When representing clients, our ADR strategies and practices enable our clients to achieve results that further their business goals, reduce expense and delay in resolving disputes, and avoid the distractions to management that prevent them from focusing on their businesses.

Our cross-disciplinary ADR practice group includes lawyers with deep experience in litigationbanking and financial services, corporate, intellectual propertyinsurance and employment law

Recognized Leaders in ADR
Stradley Ronon attorneys have served with distinction as neutrals, both independently and under the auspices of ADR provider organizations such as the American Arbitration Association, the International Centre for Dispute Resolution, and the International Institute for Conflict Prevention & Resolution (CPR). Our attorneys have built a reputation for fairness and creative problem solving and are highly regarded for their ability to understand complex commercial transactions and cutting-edge technologies. In recognition of its commitment to principled and creative conflict-management and resolution, Stradley Ronon’s ADR practice group received CPR’s inaugural Law Firm Award for Excellence in Alternative Dispute Resolution.



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