Joint Forces: Fastening Results Together with TurnaSure

CourtStradley Ronon handles all IP law (patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets and related areas) matters for TurnaSure LLC of Langhorne, Pennsylvania. TurnaSure manufactures a simple washer-type load cell known as a direct tension indicator (DTI) or a load-indicating washer. TurnaSure’s legacy company invented this brilliant concept of bolting technology. When this washer device is compressed while tightening a bolt or stud, the required clamp load is indicated in the fasteners and induced in the bolted joints. TurnaSure was the world’s first company to devote all its energies to developing and supplying this unique fastener. DTIs are used to achieve required tension loads on bolts in countless applications, such as structural steel buildings and bridges, studs used in the petrochemical industry, anchor bolts and SAE cap screws for automotive applications. TurnaSure’s recent improvements to the DTI include a DTI with offset protuberances and indentations (protected by U.S. Patent No. 9,863,457) and a DTI that shows an elastomer on the circumference once the structural bolt has been tightened to achieve its correct tension (protected by a pending patent application and sold under the trademark ViewTite).

Stradley Ronon’s IP attorneys work with TurnaSure representatives to address any and all IP issues that arise for the company, among which are patent infringement investigations, IP litigation, assistance with insurance coverage supporting such litigation, commercial contracts with suppliers and joint development collaborators, and licenses with others in the fastener industry. Perhaps the most important support Stradley Ronon provides to the company, however, is strategic counseling and management directed to TurnaSure’s global patent and trademark portfolios. Stradley Ronon’s ever-growing knowledge of TurnaSure’s needs and goals, and of the fastener industry in which the company thrives, has served both Stradley Ronon and TurnaSure well.

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