What Our Clients Have to Say

Armstrong World Industries
"Stradley's relatively smaller size makes them nimble and flexible. Compared to other full-service firms, they demonstrate flexibility and speed in decision-making and action. At Stradley, partners can make a decision and 'go.'"

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Franklin Templeton Investments
"Stradley is extremely knowledgeable in the issues we deal with. They are very service-oriented."

Related Services: Investment Management, Closed-end Funds

Holy Redeemer
“Stradley doesn’t just tell us the answer – they also educate us on why we should take a certain course of action from a business or practical perspective.”

Related Services: Tax

"They are fantastic. They are good, smart and pragmatic lawyers - and reasonably priced."

Related Services: Litigation, Securities Litigation & Enforcement

Lovell Minnick Partners
"Stradley has strong deal teams that relate well to us. They understand our projects, and work efficiently and effectively with us and with the law firms on the other side of our transactions. They are great lawyers but they also serve as business advisors."

Related Services: Corporate & Securities, Mergers & Acquisitions

"I value the relationship with Stradley. They have very very good client and project management as well as the subject matter expertise that we need. I am very happy with the relationship."

Related Service: Investment Management, Closed-end Funds

"The people at Stradley totally get us. They are great at issue spotting. They are all terrific."

Related Services: Corporate & Securities, Mergers & Acquisitions