What training does Stradley Ronon provide its attorneys?
Stradley Ronon provides an intensive orientation and integration program upon the associate’s arrival at the firm, and continuously provide informal training through one-on-one interaction between senior and junior attorneys. We regularly host in-house CLE programs that cover specific practice areas or soft skills such as marketing and business development, time management, and presentation skills. The firm also contracts with a national CLE provider which allows our attorneys to participate in CLE programs, in-person or online, free of charge. We also believe in training our attorneys through hands on, real-life experience. In addition to conducting traditional legal research and writing, associates regularly participate in client conferences, depositions, court appearances, and corporate and financial closings as early as their first year of practice.

How are Stradley Ronon associates evaluated?
Our attorneys are encouraged to regularly provide informal feedback to junior attorneys. We have a formal annual review process during which the supervising attorney assesses the associate’s performance. Associates also complete annual self-evaluations and provide upward feedback to senior associates. The Associate Compensation and Evaluation (ACE) committee integrates the upward feedback, supervisor assessments and self-evaluation into a formal written evaluation. The ACE committee also provides recommendations for goals and objectives for the upcoming evaluation year that are aligned with the associate’s career plan.