Which departments hire staff?
We hire staff in a variety of areas including:

Legal Services Departments: Business, Investment Management, Litigation, Tax, Trusts & Estates

Administration Departments: Accounting, Human Resources, Information Technology, Library Services, Marketing, Recruiting and Support Services

Do you provide training to staff?
We provide training and orientation to all new staff hires during the on-boarding process. The Human Resources Department is responsible for the training and professional development of non-attorney staff, working in concert with other administrative and legal departments to provide opportunities for skills development and improvement, and where possible, career advancement.

How will I be evaluated?
We believe in open communication and provide a formal written evaluation for all our employees annually. As part of this process, we offer coaching and guidance about opportunities for improvement as well as appreciation and encouragement for exceptional contributions. Of course, informal feedback and acknowledgements are also provided throughout the year. 

How to Apply
Please see the “Career Opportunities” section of Stradley.com for a list of our current Professional Staff openings. From there, you can directly submit your application.