Training and Professional Development
Stradley Ronon is committed to the development of its attorneys. We train through observation and participation, whether it is a deposition or trial for our litigators, or a contract or transaction for our business lawyers. We educate through practice-specific technical training programs, in-house continuing legal education session, professional development seminars on general lawyering skills, and substantive attorney interaction. We evaluate and advance through a formal written process that assesses strengths and competencies and moves the attorney in a direction to achieve their career goals. Through training, education and evaluation, Stradley Ronon attorneys become excellent attorneys who act as mentors, trainers and advisors, sharing their knowledge to help every Stradley Ronon attorney develop and grow.

Mentoring & Integration
We believe in both formal and informal mentoring and in the value it adds to associate development and the overall health of the firm.

Our formal mentoring program is designed to provide consistency and a rewarding experience for mentors and mentees alike. Each associate is paired with a partner or senior associate in his or her practice area who acts as a personal and confidential resource for questions, but also takes an active role in introducing the associate to the firm’s people, practices and resources, and serves as an ongoing resource for the associate as he or she navigates their career. To this end, mentor-mentee teams works together to set personalized goals for the mentee and to create, monitor and update development plans to accomplish those objectives.

In addition to mentoring, Stradley Ronon’s staffing model facilitates personal and professional development and firm cohesion. We staff transactions and cases so associates work closely with senior attorneys from day one, and each attorney on a team is exposed to every aspect of a matter. This gives associates substantial responsibility early in their careers and enables every associate to grow their skills, quickly become adept at managing multiple facets of a case or transaction, and becoming an integral part of the practice, client support team and firm at large. This integration includes client development, as Stradley understands this to be a vital part of every associate’s career, regardless of seniority.

Finally, along with legal competency, a critical part of being a Stradley associate is participating in the management of the firm. This takes place in a variety of ways, including active membership in the firm’s Hiring Committee and Associate Committee, and as integral members of special projects and initiatives.

Compensation and Benefits
Stradley Ronon offers a competitive salary and robust benefits package for associates. Salary adjustments are made annually based on merit. The associate bonus program is performance-based and considers factors such as work quality, client service, advancement of firm culture, billable hours, business development activities, and business generation, among other things.