As a firm, we are committed to giving a voice to all unique perspectives and believe there is strength in the difference among our experiences and worldviews. 

This September, we proudly amplified our Hispanic/Latinx professionals voices to share their stories, challenges and favorite aspects of the Hispanic community in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month.

Members of Stradley Ronon Share What They Love Most About the Hispanic Community

Stradley Ronon's Cristen Negron & Rebecca Rodrigues Reflect on Ways the Hispanic Community Influenced Them

Stradley Ronon Associates Adriel Garcia & Gabriella Leyhane Discuss Workplace Challenges and Benefits

Stradley Ronon's Rebecca Rodrigues & Cristen Negron Share How the Hispanic Community Has Impacted Them

Stradley Ronon Associates Gabriella Leyhane & Adriel Garcia Discuss Obstacles Latinx Professionals Face