Doing More ... For Our Clients

Doing More For Our Clients

“What will be keeping me up at night … next month?” – understanding your business from the inside out
Having a lawyer in your corner is important; having a lawyer who is also a business adviser is imperative. And if that lawyer has worked in your industry, walked in your shoes and felt the pressure you feel, then she or he will be able to help you work through the challenges you face from a perspective that is both fully objective and fully engaged. Many of our attorneys joined Stradley after spending time as corporate general counsel or working in industries as diverse as energy, manufacturing, health care and insurance. Our industry foresight and business acumen will help you sleep tonight … and next month.

“What’s it going to cost?” – customized fee arrangements to meet your budget
At Stradley, we define a successful engagement as more than winning your case or closing your deal. A successful engagement is also one where you know you received value for the services provided, an agreed-upon budget with no surprises, clarity and accuracy in your billing, and efficient use of lawyer talent. Our customized pricing options – volume discounts, caps, collars, blended rates, and other types of alternative fee arrangements – enable you to align your in-house resources with our team and ensure that your legal fees are both sensible and transparent.

“How do I navigate federal, state and local agencies?” – connecting you to the right people
Your job is to produce results; our job is to help you do it. Lawyers who produce the documents that lay out the case law, structure the transaction, or protect your rights provide only a fraction of what you need to navigate today’s business landscape. Lawyers who know whom to contact within the governmental or regulatory agencies affecting your industry and who have credibility on both sides of the political aisle are invaluable when you need to drive your business forward. You can find those lawyers at Stradley Ronon.

“We are a little shorthanded.” – successful secondments
Even the best-run businesses can’t plan for unexpected employee departures, medical leaves or unforeseen events that strain your in-house legal staff. When you need extra legal talent to manage your business we can help. Our secondment program places Stradley lawyers side-by-side with your in-house team, supplementing your talent with ours. You decide what kind of support you need. We supply the attorneys on a short- or long-term basis, on economic terms that work for both of us.

“What do I need to know NOW?” – programs and updates that keep you informed and save you time
One of your most precious resources is time. And you never have enough – enough time to train your team, to stay current with developments in your industry and with changes in the legal and regulatory climate. We can help. Stradley Ronon’s customized in-house training programs, news alerts and regulatory updates keep your executives and employees at all levels in your organization informed and prepared. Whether it’s an on-site presentation, hard copy training materials, a video on your Intranet, or regular updates via social media, we can provide the content you want, when you want it, in the format that works best for you so you can devote your time to what matters most – running your business.

“I need global counsel.” – our worldwide reach via an international alliance
Stradley Ronon does not have offices in Europe, Asia, or South America, and that’s intentional. We carefully manage the size of our geographic footprint so we can keep our overhead costs to a minimum for our clients. But that doesn’t mean we don’t have a global reach. We help our clients navigate legal issues on seven continents through our affiliation with Meritas, a worldwide alliance of 180 independent, full-service law firms in more than 75 countries. The rigorous screening process undertaken by Meritas prior to admitting firms to the alliance means that you can be assured of receiving the same high-quality, cost-effective legal services that are synonymous with Stradley Ronon – no matter where your needs arise.

“How can I grow my business? – providing business development opportunities
Our philosophy of partnering with clients extends to assisting you with the most basic of objectives – helping you grow your business. Because of our deep ties in the business and financial communities in the mid-Atlantic region, we are well-positioned to connect our clients to opportunities that can assist with financing, expansion into new geographies or markets, connections with direct purchasers of goods and services, or decision-makers who can provide introductions. We look for opportunities to help you grow and take great pride in helping you thrive.