Preliminary Injunction Denied in Bucks County

Representing the majority owner of Integrated Business Solutions Group, LLC (IBSG) in a lawsuit brought against him by IBSG's two minority members, Stradley Ronon defeated a petition for a preliminary injunction in the Bucks County Court of Common Pleas. The plaintiffs worked on developing the company's primary asset, a custom software product. After IBSG terminated their employment, the plaintiffs claimed that they owned the software in their individual capacities and sought preliminary injunctive relief that effectively would have shut down IBSG's operations. The Stradley Ronon team showed, among other things, that the plaintiffs used IBSG source code, misappropriated from the company during their employment, to obtain copyrights. Determining that the plaintiffs could not meet the legal standard for preliminary injunctive relief, the court denied the plaintiffs’ petition in its entirety.

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