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Heard in the Hall: Stradley Attorneys Share Their Thoughts on the 2022 ICI Investment Management Conference Sessions

March 29, 2022

Stradley Attorneys Share Their Thoughts on 2022 ICI Mutual Funds and Investment Management Conference Sessions

Day 1

Bruce Leto - Conference Kick Off Fabio Battaglia - Retail Investors
Mark Greer - Considering Crypto Dave Grim - SEC Discussion
Jonathan Kopcsik - Fund Board Perspective Prufesh Modhera - Diversity & Inclusion
Eric Purple - Specialized Products

Day 2

Taylor Brody - Legislative Outlook Jana Cresswell - Compliance Challenges
Sara Crovitz - SEC Rulemaking Brian Crowell - European Markets
Matthew DiClemente - SEC Keynote   Jan Folena - Fund Board Regs
Alan Goldberg - Risk Mitigation

Bruce Leto, co-chair of Stradley Ronon’s investment management group, kicks off the 2022 ICI Investment Management Conference attended in person by more than 1,000 industry professionals.


Partner Fabio Battaglia attended “Thinking Outside the Box: Innovations in Financial Offerings for Retail Investors” and provides takeaways.


Partner Mark Greer presented “Considering Crypto: Tales from the Trenches.” In this clip, Mark shares his takeaway from the panel discussion.


Partner-in-Charge, Washington, DC 
David Grim joined the “Discussion With Senior SEC Division of Investment Management Personnel” and shares the surprises from the panel.


Partner Jonathan Kopcsik 
attended “The Fund Board Perspective on Regulatory and Industry Developments” and shares learnings. 

Prufesh Modhera, Co-Chair, Private Investment Funds, attended “Diversity and Inclusion Keynote Remarks and Receptions.” Hear Prufesh’s thoughts on this session.


Partner Eric Purple summarizes his panel discussion, “What’s Happening in Different Strokes: Trends in Specialized Products.”


Day 2

Partner Taylor Brody provides insights and takeaways from the session, “Legislative Outlook in a Pivotal Election Year.” 


Partner Jana Cresswell shares a recap of “Compliance Challenges in the Current Environment: A Conversation with Fund CCOs.”

Partner Sara Crovitz delivers remarks from the session, “Warp Speed Rulemaking: ESG, Proxy Matters, Disclosure Reform.” 

Partner Brian Crowell attended the Keynote Remarks from the Executive Director of the European Securities and Markets Authority and provides the impact on the industry. 


Matthew DiClemente
, co-chair of Stradley Ronon’s investment management group, shares his thoughts on Keynote Remarks from the SEC Director of the Division of Investment Management, William Birdthistle. 


Partner Jan Folena provides learnings from “Fund Industry Civil Litigation: Year in Review.”


Partner-in-Charge, Chicago, IL Alan Goldberg joins “How to Set a Table: An Exercise in Risk Mitigation” and provides takeaways. 


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