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Heard in the Hall: Stradley Attorneys Share Their Thoughts on the 2023 ICI Investment Management Conference Sessions

March 21, 2023

Please click on the short videos below to hear about each day’s important takeaways.  

Welcome to the 2023 ICI Investment
Management Conference 


Sprinting a Marathon: Keeping up with the
SEC’s Rulemaking Activity

DEI Practices in the Asset
Management Industry


The Funds They are A-Changin: A Closer
Look at Mutual Fund to ETF Conversions

Fund Disclosure Developments


Fund Governance in an Era of
Regulatory Deluge

Evaluating the SEC’s Liquidity, Swing
Pricing, and Hard Close Proposal

Fund Industry Civil Litigation: Year
in Review

Keynote Remarks: Mark Uyeda,
Commissioner SEC

The “Alt”-imate Product:
Thoughts for Sponsors

Cross-Discipline Collaboration as the
Industry Landscape Evolves

Remarks by William A. Birdthistle, Director,
Division of IM SECs

The Topic Du Jour: Is ESG Investing
Financial, Political, or Both?

SMAs and CITs for Retail Investors:
Regulatory and Compliance Considerations

The SEC’s History: Perspectives on a
Changing Regulatory Landscape

Addressing Compliance Challenges in
Today’s Unprecedented Environment

Market Structure Reform: Implications for
Investment Management


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