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Heard in the Hall: Stradley Attorneys Share Their Thoughts on the 2024 ICI Investment Management Conference Sessions

March 27, 2024

Please click on the short videos below to hear about each day’s important takeaways.  

Modernizing the 1940 Act
Regulatory Regime 

ESG Around the Globe:
Running in Circles

The Future of Diversity and Inclusion

Charting New WatersCrypto ETPs, ETF
Share Classes, and Other New Products

Key Developments in the Unlisted
Closed-End Fund Market

Fund Board Perspectives on Regulation,
Governance, and Industry Developments

Hester Peirce, Commissioner
SEC & Eric Pan, ICI

Artificial Intelligence and
the Fund Industry

The Rise of the Courts and
the Regulatory Process

Assessing the SEC’s 2024 Investment
Management Rulemaking Activity

Disclosure Trends and Frequent
Comments from the SEC

Keynote Address: Eric Pan,
President & CEO ICI

Navigating the Regulatory Rapids:
A Survival Guide for CCOs

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