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European American Chamber of Commerce:
AI vs. Human Analysis - Who is the Master of the Analysis & Why is that an Important Question?

June 14, 2023
8:30-10:30 a.m. ET

AI, is without doubt one of the key technologies influencing the future, as such it holds many promises as well as some serious challenges. For starters: Artificial intelligence is a very broad term that is used widely in a variety of contexts today, yet there no accepted definition. AI is not a single technology, but a spectrum of solutions and processes with the purpose to analyze huge amounts of data and subsequently perform standardized tasks incl. learning, evaluating and solving problems. A process for which, in the past, we relied on HI (human intelligence). The distinguishing feature that takes AI beyond plain data analysis is that AI systems have a degree of adaptability and even autonomy.

Our panel will discuss issue such as:

  • Why is AI and human analysis on everyone’s mind and how has this issues evolved, and why are we discussing this now?
  • AI & Diversity/Equality: Is AI a better, more objective decision maker?
  • Who is the master of human analysis and is that who we want it to be in the future;
  • Do we need safety nets and what would those look like, are they fool proof
  • Is AI more likely an opportunity or rather a danger, esp. in the highly sensitive environment of HR?
  • What are some of the most common applications and what have we learned so far?
  • What is the current status on AI legislation in NY/US, Europe, UK?
  • Putting the Cart before the Code: What are the challenges when legislating AI?
  • What challenges do companies face when implementing AI driven analysis?
  • How will AI change how we work and the labor market as a whole?
  • What do we want? What is the ideal use of AI in making choices about human and notably in the work context?


  • Dr. Inka Knappertsbusch, Senior Associate, CMS
  • Peter Fatelnig, Minister-Counsellor for Digital Economy Policy, DELEGATION of the EUROPEAN UNION to the UNITED STATES
  • Alexander Schlicht, Vice President Legal, OSBORNE CLARKE
  • A. Nicole Stover, Vice Chair - Litigation, STRADLEY RONON
  • Yvonne Bendinger-Rothschild, Executive Director, EACCNY [Moderator]

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